I’m Sarah, I love to photograph. Though it’s only in recent years that I decided to take the plunge and study photography academically. If you know me, you know I can be quite geeky, so I basically wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about art and photojournalism and the history and everything else related, and I wanted to get really really good at it. I’m too Irish and self-deprecating to say I’m there yet, but I try really hard and I’m improving all the time.

Photographing people is my favourite. I aim to capture moments and emotions, show relationships, and ultimately tell stories with my images. I love photographing families and children, and I’m particularly drawn to the more quiet moments that often go unnoticed, as I find these pictures show such a huge range and depth of feeling and storytelling.

I’m originally from Northern Ireland, but now I live in Northamptonshire. I’m currently in lock-down at home with my husband, my teenager, my 5-year-old and our scruffy dog.